Jive Connection, new CD, "Special Delivery".

Helikopter is an independent record company and a professional recording studio, situated in Gothenburg. The company started out in 1990 and our catalogue contains approximately 40 CD's and LP- albums. We've allso been a resource and a source of inspiration to numerous of artists and other record companies in Gothenburg. Our ambition has been to gather artists with proved skill of songwriting and integrity, and let them develop as recording artists. A very importing tool for the independent record business in Gothenburg is our recording studio, and we have made hundreds of recordings and CD's with a big amount of artists, record companies, booking managers etc . Helicopter Records has created a very important forum called the Gothenburg Phono Mafia. It is a parachute organisation where the independent record producers of Gothenburg can meet and get together for different projects. b

We did realize from the beginning the importance of having our own recording studio. Helikopter Studio, full professional 24 track recording studio, has since the start become a tool to guarantee a frequently production together with good soundquality.
Together with Border Music Distribution, we have built up a well functioning chain of promotion and distribution all around Scandinavia. Other important connections have also been made with distributing companies in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

Our main purpose is of course to establish our artists as much as possible, especially here in Sweden. It is very important for us to present alternative and interesting music, with integrity, by unorthodoxal methods. Helikopter Records struggles to raise quantity with quality, sometimes difficult for an independent record label.

Last updated 2001-12-07.