The members of Elmer have their history in obscure punk- and rock groups from late eighties.
The singer Niklas Blomkvist started his musical career together with bass-player Jonas Hagberg. Martin Berntsson, the groups guitarist went to the same high-school as Niklas, but it would take thirteen years before they met.
It was their mutual interest in Byrds and Dwight Youkum that made them write songs together. When Glenn K-G Halvarsson joined, the group Elmer was founded.
After half a year, a demo was presented to Helikopter Records who signed Elmer and released the single "Abigail / 7 Bridges on the 25 of September 1997.
Elmer will soon enter the studio, to record their first full-length CD, which will be in the record stores next year.
Niklas Blomkvist - vocals & gtr., writes the lyrics and is responsible for a great deal of the songs

Martin Berntsson - lead gtr, the band's country expert, and songwriter.

Jonas Hagberg - bass & backing vocals, important musical force in the band, who also takes part in the songwriting

Glenn K-G Halvarsson - drums, the Animal who's punky attack, gives a special tension in Elmer's music.


"Abigail / 7 Bridges" (CDs)

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