Andersson & Kruse

The artists Joel Andersson and Patrik Kruse has during a couple of years established themselves as supreme interpreters of Cornelis Vreeswijk's songs. And their concerts have a personal, festive atmosphere, which is highly appreciated by the audience. Both Joel and Patrik has good voices, different expressions and timbre, that blends very good together. The line-up differs according to the size of the venues: duo, trio or full orchestra. The great flexibility has also resulted in many bookings, Andersson & Kruse have more than 200 gigs per year.

Leif Nüth

Leif Nüth was a scientist in nature and an inventor at Chalmers University of Gothenburg, and a poet of great importance. His collection of poems "Leka Kurragömma" was published by Bokmaskinen 1983. His poems fascinated our national troubadour Fred Åkerström, and it was decided that Fred was to put music to the lyrics, and make a record. Unfortunately Fred Åkerström died in 1984, and even Leif Nüth passed away a couple of years later, at the age of 58. For 1 ½ year ago, the widow of Leif Nüth, the painter Gunilla Bruzewits-Nüth, heard A&K on the radio. From that moment she knew she had found the artist that could conclude Leif Nüth's lifework, and put music to his poems.
If one is to make a short description of the lyrics, they have a juicy metaphorical language, which describes the decline and the labyrinths of life. You can trace the melancholy and thoughtfulness that the two Swedish poets Dan Andersson and Nils Ferlin often was appealed to, in their poems. But you can also find a pleasure to make a caricature of people in our Swedish society - fellow topers, half mad priests, bureaucrats, and other citizens.


In Autumn 1995 Vox records released the first CD/Ep "Andersson & Kruse". It was received a very good recipient by the media, and the song "Pyssel" has challenged for Svensktoppen, (Sweden's biggest and oldest single chart), two times. In April 1997, finally the full-length album "Läs mig..." was released. The CD has received good critics, and yet another song, "Kungen", challenged for Svensktoppen in July. Since the release, the group is often engaged for concerts and gig all around the Westcoast, and especially in the hometown Gothenburg.

Andersson & Kruse

Läs mig...
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