ORO (Organic Revolution Orchestra) was the first band to sign with the Helikopter label in 1989. Lead singer and songwriter of O.R.O , Henrik Wallgren, is a very well known artist, poet and comedian in sweden and has together with the other members in the band made four albums(the last one is a compilation album).The group has during it´s existance very often been shifting in line-up as they´ve been playing at festivals all around Sweden and have made an enourmous reputation of beeing the most freaky and entertaining live act since the golden days of the Mothers of Invention.

Nowadays O.R.O only shows up at special occations, like recently at the Gothenburg film festival with a show called "Total King Kong" Henrik Wallgren is working on a solo project that will come out on the Helikopter/Vox label this year.

The O.R.O. Discography:
"Mjölk och Betong"
"Ramagedon 2048"


"Samlat Guld"

Latest uppdated 1999-08-11..