Helikopter Records

Since the first releases of records in 1990 we have presented a lot of new artists on this record label. During the first years we released records in a wide spectra of rock and pop. The purpose was to build up a public relations to media and record buyers. In the beginning of the new decade, 1990, the musical develop turned over to be a kind of search of musical roots, and even established artists discovered the deep water in search of new musical stiles. The way to success was like a lottery. Therefore, we avoid to become a genre record company, it could easily become an obstacle for possible future commercial possibilities.

Today we have concentrated on mainstream pop music, and preferably with English lyrics, though it admit selling on the international market. Through the last years we have establish relations with several international record companies, publishers and distributors. In Japan we are co-operating with Fujipacicfic Music Inc. / Edoya Records. In Germany (GAS) we are co-operating with Dogondke Media / Viceroy Records and in Ireland we co-operates with Danceline Records.

Actual artists 1997 are:
Wish and Elmer.

Last updated 1999-08-11.