Vox records is an under label to Helikopter Records, and started out in the Autumn of 1995. Vox records intention is to become a melting pot for uncommon music that rarely will be labelled as ordinary commercial rock or pop.
An important element is the performance on acoustic instrument. The possibility to create an intimate and close up sound atmosphere where the lyrics and the nakedness of the voice can find the way to the listeners heart, is our mission. On this label roots music from every corner of the world and skilful sing & song writing will be mixed together with our domestic folklore music.
On Vox records the main point is the song, the lyrics and the melody - and if the music is performed on acoustic instruments we believe we will be able to produce music "that a few dare but many should listen to".

Watch out! Perhaps you have to take a stand!

Current artists presented on Vox records are:
Andersson & Kruse and Henrik Wallgren.

Last updated 1999-08-11