Henrik Wallgren
"Gå Förbi"

Henrik Wallgren is pretty well known to the Swedish record buyers and media. Since the debut with the group ORO seven years ago, Henrik's charismatic and challenging image, has provoked and fascinated us. The debut album, "Mjölk & Betong"(Milk & Concrete), was released 1990 and it contained a collection of original songs with well made lyrics. Somebody called Henrik a protest singer but he has never devolved to political agitation. Instead to Henrik the small people has always been in the centre. There is a concern for the future of the children and the week people of our society. Now, Henrik is not a small and tender guy, he's 190 cm tall, he has hands like a Lumberjack. Through the years we've seen him fight with King Kong, invoke the Devil's curse in the melodrama "Vageln", seen him set people on fire with his fire-eating tricks, dressed in Mad Max outfit suggest doomsday atmosphere in the "cyber" project "Ragamedon 2048", and recently contribute with his voice to the "ethnic"-fusion group "Den Fule" which should increase the popularity of the group considerable.
"Gå Förbi" is something special as the solo album of Henrik Wallgren. The lyrics are the central point, and Henrik wants, as he puts it, "sing about Sweden 1996". With help of Henrik Cederblom he has completed a record full of personal warmth. "Gå Förbi" has a honest sincerity, that springs from the concern of people, and maybe it's here, Henrik Wallgren is summing up the past seven years - but he does it as a mature man with a great deal of experience. Listen to"Ekvation", Harrys Båt", "Gå Förbi", "Ivar Nord" and "Vänner" (to mention some of the songs) and Henrik Wallgren appear as one of the most important artists in the nineties, with an impressing integrity.

VOX records proudly presents Henrik Wallgren's solo album "Gå Förbi".

Great Pleasure!


p&© 1997
Vox records / Rotor Musik
Border Music

Supported by
The Swedish Council
of Cultural Affairs

Cover and sleeve design: Jan Eneroth

1. Ekvation
2. Ivar Nord
3. Full
4. Vänner
5. Sinnesfrid
6. Harrys Båt
7. Kroppsspråk
8. Gå Förbi
9. Risk
10. Lera
11. Amorfina
12. Elsa