Wish is Helikopter's best internationally established group. Since the debut-CD was released in February 1995 Japanese, Irish, Austrian and Swiss record companies has shown a big interest in the group with the prominent singer Anja Ryne.
The first CD "Wish" got excellent reviews in Swedish press, and was called "1995 years best debut of Swedish pop bands. Wish was on the playlists all over Scandinavia, and went "record of the week" on Danish national radio.
In May, the first single "Wonderland" was released. It resulted in a license agreement with the Irish company Danceline records. Later on a license agreement with the Japanese publishing company, Fujipacific Music Inc. was established, and the record company Edoya Records released a compilation album called "Swedish Sweets" containing two songs from Wish's CD, "Snowflakes" and "Fool for love". The album sold approx. 10. 000 copies during -95 and Wish's full-length album was released later that Autumn, and sold about 5.000 copies.
In November "Snowflakes" became the next single-release in Sweden. It went directly into the video-charts of Z-TV where it stayed for eight weeks, with a fourth position as the best. During the Spring 1996 a new CD was recorded. In June the single "Sundrops" was released. The video went straight into Z-TV playlist, and MTV Europe showed the video.
August 30 Wish's second CD "Temporary love & hate" landed. Bengt Johansson's song writing talent, almost reach perfection, and Anja Ryne's voice is irresistible. This is Wish's greatest success so far. At the end of the year we released Wish's second second single, "Citylights".
A license agreement was set up with the German record company Dogondke Media / Viceroy records, and the band made a tour connected to the German release during the Spring, including all the big cities Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne etc. . The reception was very positive, and German press & media loves the CD "Temporary love & hate". The single "Sundrops" went on the playlist of the biggest radio-syndicates, and the video break through on RTL (Germany's biggest music television).
Wish has changed a few member, and in the rhythm section you will now find, Lars Tovinger on drums, Magnus Stenberg on bass and Gunnar Frick on steel guitar & keyboard. They're all members of the cult-band Bad Liver since many years, and have during that time developed into a tight and professional section. Wish will go into the studio in April / May, and intend to release their third album in the Autumn 1998. The new members contribute with lots of energy guarantee the new CD to become the best ever done.
We won't have lower ambitions, why should we?

To be continued......



"Temporary love & hate"



"Wish" (debut-CD)


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